Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Raj Thackeray Arrest - Media does a double speak again

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, TV channels are doing a double speak.

Zee 24 Taas talks of Lalu's "Bhaltech Vidhan" (Wierd Statement)... while Zee News shows how Lalu stands up against Raj.

Star Majha talks of "expected reactions" to the Thackeray arrest... While Star News shows "Raj ki Goondagardi"!
Guys... don't you realise that Marathi Manoos sees both your Marathi & Hindi channels ?


Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

More such inconsistencies, fostered bloomers etc. that you bring out about the media doublespeak, the better it would be for the readers and viewers. You may also want to refer them to a nice but critical media website, www.thehoot.org . They'd love that.

More power to you, blogger!

BharGo said...

Thanks for your encouragement!

BharGo said...

Frankly, I was shocked to see Star Mazha giving a background score "Govinda.. Govinda..." from the movie Sarkar when they showed Raj coming out of Kalyan Court! It almost sounded like propoganda...

On the other hand, Nikhil Wagle of IBN Lokmat initiated an SMS poll asking viewers if they endorsed Raj's actions. When 88% of the responded "yes", he brushed it off as MNS karyakartas' mischief!

Need some unbiased reporting... not entertainment!

Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

News media was to disseminate news. Then it switched to infotainement - information as entertainment, not information entertainingly (if one can make such a nuanced distinction!) Now, most of the time "breaking news' is sheer entertainment, often of the genre called fiction.

And there are pamphleters who pass off as journalists. What does not suit their ideology, line of argument or thought is dismissed. Like this one - "MNS mischief!"

Strangely, and interestngly enough, there are eyeballs glues to this kind of muck.

We demand freedom of expression for this titillating presentation because it is the 'media' with its rights. Blimey!!


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