Saturday, October 18, 2008

Karwa Chat Vs. What Pornima?

Vat Pornima vs. Karwa Chauth

Conversation between 3M (Middleclass Marathi Manoos) and his MMW (Modern Marathi Wife)

MMW: Today’s Karwa Chauth

3M: So?

MMW: Isn’t it romantic?

3M: What?

MMW: All these rituals of waiting for the moon to rise… and…

3M: What so romantic about it?

MMW: Tum nahi samjhoge... They are showing the ceremony live from Bachchans' terrace!

3M: But isn’t Amitabh a Ganga-ghat-ka-chora married to Bengali and their daughter-in-law a Tuluva?

MMW: What’s the point, honey?

3M: I mean Karwa Chauth is a Punjabi festival

MMW: No! It’s a Bollywood festival...

3M: Oh... now I get it... Yash Chopra’s creation! The Punjabification of Bollywood

MMW: We should give it a shot next year... Wot sayz u?

3M: But before that Vat Pornima will come in August…

MMW: Wot’s that?

3M: The Marathi/ Kannada equivalent of Karwa Chauth... Will have to ask Marathi directors like Amol Palekar, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Mahesh Majrekar, Sai Parajape, Jabbar Patel etc to incorporate Vat Pornima in some of their movies so that you start finding it romantic!

#@*&^$%!.... MMW is certainly not amused!


Anonymous said...

You still there? Alive? Or do you see a heavy object hurtling toward you?

Nice humour though :)

MMW said...

Now MMW is 'definitely' not amused..


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