Monday, October 6, 2008

LG gives thumbs down to Marathi Manoos

LG, the largest consumer durable company in India is supposed to have one of the best service support in the industry. Their call centers across the country respond in the local language for better intimacy with their customers.

Now just pick up the phone and dial 022-39889999 – LG’s Mumbai helpline. You get 3 language options – English, Hindi & Gujarati... Why is Marathi missing in Maharashtra's capital?

3M wonders – Like Times of India does the LG management also think that Marathi Manoos is a culturally 2nd grade citizen of this city?


Orion said...

I think they assume that most of the marathi's know hindi. This is classic example how marathi is neglected under glowing influence of marathi.

Simple rule. Don't buy products who take marathi for granted. If there is 1 vendor out of 10 supporting marathi. I will buy that even if quality is bit bad. Thats my sacrifice to support marathi. Also how can marathi be seconf class in Mumbai. Isn't it 30-35% of population. That's a lot of business to take someone for granted.

Shaishav said...

Laaton ke bhooth baaton se nahi samajhte

Many Maharashtrians had tried with calling the LG Helpline but all of their efforts have failed. I guess its now time for Maharashtrians to resort to violence to make the deaf ears of LG hear.


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