Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marathi Manoos ko Gussa kyon aata hai?

Most people fail to understand as to why Marathi Manoos is making such a fuss about Railway Recruitment. Lalu Yadav dismissed it as a case of "sour grapes" in the Parliament today. Shiv Sena claims that they have given petitions to the Railway Minister to prevent discrimination in the past but with little impact. No wonder, Raj's path looks attractive to unemployed youth in Maharashtra!.

The UP-Biharisation of Railways was mentioned earlier in my blog. But I did not give an idea of the scale. The Indian Railways is the world’s largest business employer with about 18 Lac employees! It is estimated that about 50000 employees retire from services of Indian Railway… and over 1 lac new recruits are taken in their folds. If we divide these opportunities basis populations of each state, Maharashtra should get about 10000 new jobs. Mind you, this is not a small number given the fact that the total employee base of Jet Airways is 13000! Also after the implementation of 6th Pay Commission, Government jobs have again become as attractive as those provided by the private sector.

Jaane do na… you will say. Indian Railways is an aberration… or is it? Monday’s Navbharat Times (Mumbai Edition) carried a 2 page ad on Pages 8 & 9 for employment opportunities in Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Pune… 450 posts. So what is wrong with this ad? Has it not been released in Maharashtra? The answer is yes… and no!

This ad has been released only in a Hindi newspaper so that only “Uttar Bharatiyas” in Mumbai can read and apply… Why was this ad not given in any of the Marathi or English newspapers?
3M feels that these things are just a tip of the UP-Biharisation Iceberg… It’s time someone files a PIL on this and stops this injustice!

Abhi maloom pada… Marathi Manoos ko Gussa kyon aata hai!
Please note that the intention of this post is to understand the root cause of the problem and not to justify the current violence. Any kind of violence is opposed by this blog!

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KRV supports MNS :)


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