Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A sane voice in these rabble rousing times

Raj Thackeray should revisit his past by Mahesh Vijapurkar


ashwin said...

a sane voice indeed...

u know when MNS was launched few years back i enrolled myself as a member.

i liked his first rally..
he took a stand opposite to the Sena on the Muslims as well as he was open to the backwards and he considered migration as a problem which i think everyone does. he lost the bmc elections though he got decent vote percentage..

the best part about his party was the name. and also i thought then that here's an option for the people of Maharashtra that could probably take the state in the right direction..

but that was not meant to be...
he has returned to the old sena ways. he seems to be desperate for media attention and naturally media attention creates a perception..a strong perception

and as someone has rightly said
"perception is more important than reality in politics"

maheshji had also written a very good article about the media in the Raj issue.

wish there were more people in the media like him
all he have is a jingoistic bunch of buffoons..

Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

The blogger has been kind in uploading my piece here and am touched by ashwin's comment. Thank you both. To be called sane is the best compliment one can hope for in these troubled times.
Mahesh Vijapurkar

The Lone Wanderer said...


u deserve every praise that comes ur way..
i wish that ur articles are translated and published in hindi and marathi newspapers....

keep writing sir and enlightening us


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