Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Ek Marathi Manoos" is a Page 1 personality ;-)

Today's Asian Age (Mumbai Edition) carries an article about the "Are Samna's boasts true?" post from this blog on its front page... .

Click on image to read

... surprisingly they claim that the writer of the blog is Mr. Nikhil Pimputkar... who incidently is a follower of the blog! The reporter must have got confused as I write on this blog under the pen name BharGo, which is a short form of my real name.


MMW said...

I think you should sue the paper for publishing incorrect facts

Anonymous said...

Can you link the article?

Nikhil said...

please tell the reporter to to contact him?

BharGo said...

Chill... No problem!

It's the message that matters... not the name!

Nikhil said...

no. you worked hard and your name should be published.


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