Thursday, October 23, 2008

A protective web of police cases!

Kherwadi… Kalyan… Pandharpur… Satara… Bhusawal… Chalisgaon (4)… Parbhani… Jalgaon (6)… Beed… Akola… Amravati… Thane… Dombivli… Solapur… Sangli… Parner–Ahmednagar… Jalna… Pune City & Rural (11)… Baramati… Aurangbad Urban & Rural (4)… Nashik Urban & Rural (4)… Ratnagiri (3)… Raigad (2)… Navi Mumbai… GRP (2)…

Suddenly the Maharashtra Government has ensured that 56 cases are filed against Raj Thackeray. The anti-Raj brigade sees this as “too little… too late” while pro-Raj lobby sees this as Maharashtra Government succumbing to Delhi’s pressure tactics. So what is the real motive? Do they want to bury him deep in cases so that he can’t raise his head again? Hmm… 3M has a different viewpoint.

Let’s realize that the guy who calls the real shots in the Maharashtra Government is Sharad Pawar. He seems to covertly support Raj Thackeray with an aim to systematically weaken SS-BJP combine before the forthcoming elections. The on-ground situation amongst the Maharashtra voters is seen to be pro SS-BJP. By propping up Raj, Pawar may be hoping to divide the “right wing” votes. If Raj is able to garnet even 10% votes in the coming elections, it will be a body blow for SS-BJP and we can see the Congress-NCP back in power!

So why has Maharashtra govt filed so many cases against Raj Thackeray? Lalu’s pressure tactics?

3M’s Theory of PPW (PAWAR PROTECTIVE WEB) – A Jharkhand Court has issued a non-bailable warrant against Raj. Pawar knows that if Raj is handed over to the Jharkhand Police, Maharashtra law & order situation will hurtle into an unprecedented abyss. So he is creating a “protective web” of police cases across Maharashtra to buy time. Eventually the Chanakya of Maharashtra politics will ensure that he has his cake and eat it too!

It’s almost as if Pawar is telling Raj “Mee marlya sarkha karto… Tu radlya sarkha kar…” Translation - "I will act as if I am beating you… You act as if you are crying!"

As one Mumbaikar mentioned to 3M “Yeh sab paapi vote ka sawaal hai!”


The Lone Wanderer said...

chanakya neeti in the truest sense...

the arrest drama only added to Raj's heroism .. a common marathi manoos is now looking at him as the next Balasaheb

and alls not bad for Lalu as well..
he raised his voice against Raj and now we have protests of large scale in bihar.
Nitish Kumar who i think is a decent man is now caught in a catch 22 situation..he cant use too much force neither can let the anarchy prevail.......
And Lalu gains in both ways....
Also one more u think its possible for the aam janta janardan to protest on such a large scale without the operational help of a political party...
The MNS did it here..the RJD is doing it there.........

Nikhil said...

I had the same thought but I think it's CM who did it rather than Jaanta Raja of Maharashtra.

BharGo said...

@ lone wanderer

To the Marathi Manoos on the street Raj is the new Balasaheb!

On ur last point i would like to differ... with over 4000 MNS workers in preemptive custody, it was junta protesting... I see it as a spontaneous reaction.

@ Nikhil

Sharad Pawar is much more powerful than he would like to show

Anonymous said...

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