Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Marathi Manoos is Deshdrohi?

Bollywood is getting really quick in making "topical" movies. Deshdrohi, a C-grade movie mildly castigating the Marathi Manoos for his "wayward ways", is being released in Mumbai. With dialogues like "kabhi Bihar mein aake dekhna" and ones lionising the Yadav clan, I am surprised how come none of the self appointed custodians of Marathi Asmita have said a word about this movie. Probably the arthritic protagonist looks too hilarious to take congnizance.

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Nikhil said...

I've seen trailers of the movie.In the movie, the (so called) hero calls Shivaji Maharaj(whose name is Shivaji Bhosle) Shivaji Marathe


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