Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deshmukh takes RGV for a ride

Uncle Deshmukh planned a "picnic" to Taj & Oberoi on a Sunday morning for Ramgopal Verma, a “good friend” of his son Ritesh…


Vilasrao… get ready for a long sabbatical in your political career!

पाटील… आता चपात्या लाटील

Even though his parents named him SHIVRAJ… he proved to be the weakest Home Minister India ever had!


3M wonders what took Congress so long to hive off this NPA?

Aur tera kya hoga AABA?

Maharashtra Mazha - Diwali Ank

In my mother’s heap of Diwali Ank, I came across a copy of “Maharashtra Mazha”. Being an avid trekker myself, the image of Konkan kada on the cover attracted my attention. I opened the issue half expecting articles about travel and trekking in Maharashtra… to my utter surprise this was an MNS diwali ank… With Shirish Parkar donning the editor’s cap!


I was surprised to see there was no anti-bhaiyya vitriol in the entire issue… in fact the Marathi Manoos was prodded about the fact he is responsible for the situation he is in! Mahesh Manjrekar’s article was straight forward… if you don’t respect your mother tongue, how do you expect others to respect it? Raju Parulekar’s analysis on Mumbai’s history lacked depth… But Deepak Pawar’s articles emphasized that action not rhetoric is required to save Marathi!


But the article that I liked the most was मराठी खाद्यसंस्कृतीवर आपलाच हल्ला (Marathi culinary tradition under our own attack) by Sajiv Sabade. He clearly showed how Marathi Manoos is fast forgetting traditional diet in lieu Punjabi and Udupi cuisine! And what he said was so true… 5 years back, 3M married a true blue Marathi Mulgi in Kohinoor (a hotel owned by Marathi Politician - Manohar Joshi) in traditional Marathi ceremony but all the dishes were Punjabi!


The biggest joke was that when this article was lamenting the loss of traditional cuisine, McDonald’s ad in Marathi took the vantage position in the magazine!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anti-Raj SMS

After the MNS SMSs, it was the turn of their detractors to send anti-Raj ones... using the mumbai terror attacks as an excuse...

I am sure a lot of you would have recd this one...


3M wonders if the message is true, does NSG also face UP-Biharisation?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Home they brought the warrior dead…

Align Center

3M would like to pay homage to the many police as well as Military personnel who laid down their life to protect the innocents from the terrorist…

If the authorities had not underestimated the sophistication of the attack, we would not have lost our good officers like Karkare, Salaskar, Shinde and many more!


Home they brought her warrior dead:
She nor swooned, nor uttered cry:
All her maidens, watching, said,
'She must weep or she will die.'

Then they praised him, soft and low,
Called him worthy to be loved,
Truest friend and noblest foe;
Yet she neither spoke nor moved.

Stole a maiden from her place,
Lightly to the warrior stepped,
Took the face-cloth from the face;
Yet she neither moved nor wept.

Rose a nurse of ninety years,
Set his child upon her knee--
Like summer tempest came her tears--
'Sweet my child, I live for thee.'

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Congressi Pohe to counter Shiv Vada Pav!

Congress seems to have woken up to the fact that they seem to be alienating the Marathi Manoos... So to counter the "Shiv Vada Pav" of Shiv Sena, they are going to have a Kanda Pohe Festival in Mumbai...

3M wonders wot next? Thaleepeeth exhibitions by BJP and Sheera Melavas by NCP? Any takers for Misal Pav and Kharvas?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Speculations are going on as to why did the Thackeray clan went into a huddle on a Sunday afternoon... are the estranged cousins going to bury the hatchet? Looks unlikely... Probably the Supremo wants the cousins to avoid personal attack against each other...

3M Trivia... Legend has it that Matoshree (Meenatai Thackeray) took a reassurance on her deathbed from Balasaheb that her son (Uddhav) and not Raj will be the heir to the Shiv Sena throne... Sounds very Ramayanesque

Monday, November 24, 2008

ऐरणीच्या देवा तुला Airanichya Deva Tula

ऐरणीच्या देवा तुला ठिणगी ठिणगी वाहू दे

आभाळागत माया तुझी आम्हावारी राहू दे

लेऊ लेणं गरीबीचं, चनं खाऊ लोखंडाचं

जीणं होऊ आबरुचं, धनी मातूर माझ्या देवा, वाघावानी असू दे

लक्षीमीच्या हातातली चवरी व्हावी वर खाली

इडा पीडा जाईल, आली किरपा तुझी भात्यातल्या सूरां संग गाऊ दे

सुख थोडं, दुःख भारी, दुनिया ही भली बुरी

घावं बसंल घावावरी, सोसायाला झुंजायाला, अंगी बळ येऊ दे

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Shivaji Season

First it was Janata Raja in Mumbai...

... then came the hoardings and bus ads for Raja Shivchatrapati of Star Pravah, dominating Mumbai skyline

... and now Zee Talkies has a Shivaji Movie festival in the coming week

... it is "Season of Shivaji"

Friday, November 21, 2008

Marathi CM for Rajasthan again?

Vasundhara Raje, the incumbent CM of Rajasthan, is facing the poll battle to save her gaddi... This article shows that she uses her mother tongue to communicate only with other leaders from Maharashtra... but does not flaunt her Marathi roots in public... Ghorpade in Karnataka, Rajnikant in TN, KC Pant in UP, Jyotiraditya Scindhia in MP are examples of prominent Marathi people who in their respective states have assimilated with the local culture

Something for Uttar Bharatiya politicians in Mumbai to emulate!

3M wonders if Vasundhara in Navwari Saree (Marathi Kashta Style) would have appeal with the Rajasthani Voters?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rajput in support of Vidarbha widows

Tulsising Rajput, owner of many Mumbai malls, is going to support widows of farmers who have commited suicide in Vidarbha... looks like an altruistic venture till you come to the line "he would enlist the support of north Indians and non-Marathi speaking communities"... why not Marathi manoos?

It is obvious to 3M that the intention is not to help the widows but to project Marathi ruling class as ineffective!

Is it a Marathi Renaissance in the making?

After years of mediocre creations, Marathi Cinema has started resurfacing in theaters with fresh offerings… not just hinterlands but also in Mumbai… not just Bharatmataesque theaters but primetime slots in multiplexes too… Sade Made Teen actual was the highest grossing movie on one weekend ahead of an Amitabh Starrer…

An exhibition on historic books at Shivaji Park drew record crowds…

Marathi Saregamapa finals have higher TRP ratings than “Bollywood nites” and Saas Bahu shows in Mumbai…

Malvani Jatras are no more restricted to Lalbaug but take place at more than 5 locations in Mumbai…

Fropper claims that Marathi music is rocking on their portal…

The most common language that I heard on my last Star cruise was Marathi…

With Star Pravah, we have 10 Marathi channels… and more in the offing…

I have never seen Marathi Manoos as proud of his culture as he is today… he is no more trying to “blend in”… he is no more “apologetic” about his roots as he was 2 decades ago…

3M wonders... Is it a Marathi Renaissance in the making? Or is it “parochialism”? Or “Sub-nationalism”?

And what could be the reason… better income… exposure to Marathi channels… siege mentality…

Or as some would like to believe… the T-factor?
* the symbol at the top (Lady playing a trumpet) was the logo of Prabhat Films and is a potent symbol of Marathi Pride

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Musalman Marathi Manoos

Few months back, my driver said “नाय साहेब… पण राज बोलतो ते खरा बोलतो…” (Sir… there is truth in what Raj says)… I would have not given much importance to his statement had it been not for the fact that he is muslim… a Konkani Muslim… “ह्या भैय्या मुसल्मानांनी आमचा नाव ख़राब केला” (These Bhaiiya muslims have tarnished our image)…

So I further prodded to realize that a large part of the Konkani muslim community in his locality (wadala) were shifting towards MNS after they started the anti-migrant campaign… “But aren’t parties like Samajwadi and NCP talking about Muslim welfare in all the hoardings in your area?” I protested… “No… they are just interested in migrant votes… Bhaiyya and Bangladeshi”

I was not very sure if this was a phenomenon across the city till I read a frontpager in TOI today morning.

3M feels that all parties seem to have alienated Marathi Manoos giving Raj an open playing field… Deshmukh’s knee jerk reaction of reserving 80% jobs for locals is not going to get back people in the Congress fold… Its high time these parties start serious dialogue with Marathi Janta to assuage their fears and find an amicable solution to the migrant problem.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Raj's letter to Marathi journos in "Bhaiyya Channels"


सर्व भैया चॅनेल्समधील मराठी पत्रकारांना... सस्नेह जय महाराष्ट्र

गेल्या दहा महिन्यांपासून आपल्या चॅनेल्सच्या माध्यमातून बातम्यांच्या नावावर जो काही तमाशा आपण दाखवत आहात त्याविषयी आपल्याला रुचेल, समजेल अशा लोकशाही माध्यमातून निषेध व्यक्त करावा म्हणून हा पत्रप्रपंच. मनसेने मराठी माणसांच्या अस्मितेसाठी, स्थानिक भूमीपुत्रांसाठी, लोंढ्यांच्या विरोधात जे आंदोलन उभारलं आहे, त्याला बदनाम करण्यासाठी आपण आपल्या वरिष्ठ भैया पत्रकारांसमवेत गळ्यात गळे घालून जे काही चालवलंय, ते आपल्या स्वत:च्या मनाला पटतं का? बिहारमध्ये रेल्वेगाडी जाळणाऱ्यांचा उल्लेख छात्र, असा केला जातो आणि मुंबईतील आंदोलकांचा उल्लेख मात्र जाणीवपूर्वक 'राज के गुंडे,' असा केला जातो. मराठी माणसांच्या भावना आपण आपल्या चॅनेलच्या माध्यमातून देशासमोर मांडायला हव्यात.

आज या आंदोलनात आपण आपली भूमिका योग्यपणे बजावली नाही तर महाराष्ट्राच्या भावी पिढ्या आणि महाराष्ट्राचा इतिहास आपल्याला कदापि क्षमा करणार नाही. तूर्तास एवढेच...

3M says... "No comments"

शूर आम्ही सरदार Shoor Aamhi Sardar

Starting today, this blog will showcase one iconic Marathi song @ the start of every week...

... to drive away your monday morning blues!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Delimitation and Marathi Manoos.

Delimitation literally means the act or process of fixing limits or boundaries of territorial constituencies in a country or a province having a legislative body. So as the population rises at different pace in different parts of the country a delimitation exercise is required to ensure even representation to the parliament. Such exercises have taken place in 1952, 1963, 1973 and now finally in 2008.

As peninsular states implemented family planning in a better way than the northern ones, the former’s share in India’s population pie started declining. This meant that the number of representatives that these states will send to the parliament will shrink with every delimitation. After protests from the peninsular states, delimitation exercise was not conducted in 1980s and 1990s. Even during the current exercise, it was decided that the number of parliamentary seats will remain fixed for a particular state. So the delimitation exercise will take place to readjust seats within the states… This means Maharashtra will continue to have 48 seats… So why is 3M grumbling?

For this we have to look at the demographic changes across India in detail. States like Kerala and Tamil Nadu who have implemented family planning rigorously and have faced low migrant influx will be least affected. States that have not implemented family planning and are source of migrants like UP and Bihar will be medium affected. But worst affected will be states like Maharashtra and Gujarat who have implemented family planning and have a heavy influx of migrants! This means that the existing inhabitants (Not just Marathi Manoos) of the state will have lesser and lesser say in deciding who represents them in the parliament.

Already with the current delimitation exercise, the Mumbai Metropolitan region will get 10 instead of 8 seats. This means the representatives from rest of Maharashtra will keep on shrinking with each delimitation.

So what should be the solution? Maharashtra’s seats should be increased to 50 and UP & Bihar should compensate for sending migrants to Maharashtra by relinquishing one seat each!


3M is not surprised that Uddhav was trying to woo Uttar Bharatiyas rigorously with the “Mee Mumbaikar” campaign last year. Raj seems to have started the anti-bhaiyya campaign at the start of this year to stop this “nexus”!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

'Discrimination' against Marathi Manoos

Though I do not agree with all the contents of the video... but it's a viewpoint to be analysed!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bhaiyya Cake

Bhaiyya Cake

हिन्दी चॅनल्सनी कृपया खाजवून खरूज काढू नये!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Janata Raja - a spectacle not to be missed!

जाणता राजा Janata Raja (The Understanding King) is a spectacular show on the life and times of Shivaji, the great. With over 500 actors, rotating stage and war scenes with elephants, camels and horses it is a show one should not miss! Even if you are not a Marathi Manoos and do not understand the language, the sheer scale is worth the effort. The crowning glory is the Rajyabhishekh (Coronation Ceremony) at the end of the play.

After a 3 year haitus, the show is back in Mumbai.... from 15th to 23rd November @ Andheri Sports Complex and from 6th to 14th December @ Vashi grounds.
Ticket rates at Andheri are 1000 for Sofa, 225 for front seats, 125 for back seats & 75 for stadium steps.

3M would like to pay his tributes to Babasaheb Purandare who had the courage to conceive stage a show on such grand scale!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Star Pravah - One more Marathi Channel

Star TV is launching a new Marathi general entertainment channel called Star Pravah. The hoardings all over the city are looking promising... hope they live up to the hype.

The Jewel in the Crown of the line up is the serial 'Raja Shivchatrapati’. It has been conceived and produced by Nitin Desai... and from the rushes seen on Star Mazha we can expect a large part of the Marathi Janta glued to the TV sets at the start of the week @ 8:30 pm.

3M wonders as to how many Marathi channels can be sustained?... ETV Marathi, Zee Marathi, Mee Marathi, Saam Marathi, DD Sahyadri, Zee Talkies, Star Mazha, Zee 24 Taas, IBN Lokmat... and now Star Pravah!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Liberal Maharashtrians and Assimilating Non-Maharashtrians

I have been regularly reading a series on “Liberal Maharashtrians” in Hindustan Times (Mumbai Edition) who abhor violence and believe they are Indians first… Hey that makes 3M an LM!

But the question to the editor is that why do you stop at LMs only? Why don’t you start a series on “Non-marathi Maharashtrians" who have assimilated with the Marathi Culture to complete the loop?

We are going to Delhi to meet the Singh – Deshmukh

Vilasrao Deshmukh’s plan to take an all party delegation to meet the prime minister to counter the Bihari delegation seems to be a nonstarter! The problem is that he has not clarified what he means by “Marathi Issue” that he wants to take up during the visit.

The main challenge is that how do you decide which parties to take… will Samajwadi Party be included? He invited BJP and Shiv Sena… but both abstained from the meeting. The question is why was MNS not invited? It is amongst the top 10 political parties in Maharashtra… and they are the ones who have raised the “Marathi issue” in the first place!

3M wonders if Raj Thackeray joins the delegation… can you imagine the amount of fodder Hindi TV channels will get!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bihari Windowswa

2 emails doing the rounds

Two emails doing the rounds... The original one and the rejoinder.... enjoy



Yes, we all should support Raj Thackeray and take his initiative ahead by doing more...

1. We should teach our kids that if he is second in class, don't study harder.. just beat up the student coming first and throw him out of the school

2. Parliament should have only Delhiites as it is located in delhi

3. Prime-minister, president and all other leaders should only be from Delhi

4. No Hindi movie should be made in Mumbai. Only Marathi.

5. At every state border, buses, trains, flights should be stopped and staff changed to local men

6. All Maharashtrians working abroad or in other states should be sent back as they are SNATCHING employment from Locals

7. Lord Shiv, Ganesha and Parvati should not be worshiped in our state as they belong to north (Himalayas)

8. Visits to Taj Mahal should be restricted to people from UP only

9. Relief for farmers in Maharashtra should not come from centre because that is the money collected as Tax from whole of India, so why should it be given to someone in Maharashtra?

10. Let's support Kashmiri Militants because they are right in killing and injuring innocent people for the benefit of their state and community..

11. Let's throw all MNCs out of Maharashtra, why should they earn from us? We will open our own Maharashtra Microsoft, MH Pepsi and MH Marutis of the world

12. Let's stop using cellphones, emails, TV, foreign Movies and dramas. James Bond should speak Marathi

13. We should be ready to die hungry or buy food at 10 times higher price but should not accept imports from other states

14. We should not allow any industry to be setup in Maharashtra because all machinery comes from outside

15. We should STOP using local trains... Trains are not manufactured by Marathi manoos and Railway Minister is a Bihari

16. Ensure that all our children are born, grow, live and die without ever stepping out of Maharasthra, then they will become true Marathis.



Support Laloo and Mulayam

Yes, we all should take their initiative ahead by doing more.
1. We should teach our kids that even if he is first in class then it won't matter since the jobs would be advertised only in UP and Bihar.
2. Parliament should only have people from UP and Bihar since they are first class citizens of India, while Tamils, Kannadigas, Marathis, Assamese etc are second class citizens of India and it is okay to ignore them.
3. Prime-minister, president and all other leaders should only be from UP and Bihar,
4. Only Hindi movies should represent India, all other movies are alien to us.
5. Every person from UP and Bihar has the right to settle on your open and public spaces and build slums, and you have absolutely no right to question theam and if you do so then you are an anti national.
6. All central jobs must be given ONLY to those from UP and Bihar
7. Rest of India MUST pay the majority of the taxes but, the majority of the funds must go only towards UP and Bihar.
8. Let's not allow any MNCs to setup in UP and Bihar, why do we need them when we can go to Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru to work.
9. Let's stop using cell phones, emails, TV, foreign Movies and dramas which are non Hindi. James Bond should speak Hindi.
10. We should be ready to pay for the corruption in UP and Bihar and these states must not be held accountable for any spending.
11. We should not allow any industry to be setup in UP and Bihar due to corruption and crime but when they are set up in other states then we must be the first ones to reach their.
12. Every major city in India must be connected to Patna, forget about the other stations but this is the most important station in the country
13. Ensure that all our children are born, grow, live and die migrating to other states but we will never develop our own states.
14. Family planning - What is that ? It isn't meant for UP and Bihar, it is only meant for rest of India.
Jai UP and Bihar (Because India = UP and Bihar)


A survey conducted jointly by DNA & NDTV validates two points made earlier on the blog… The “accommodating Marathi Manoos” and the fact that Raj has beaten Shiv Sena in being the champion of Marathi Asmita.

3M feels that as usual English media has been Metro centric. Raj has raised this issue for entire Maharashtra and not just Mumbai. The viewpoint of upcountry Maharashtra might be different!


Talking about links between Obama and Marathi Manoos... My 3 year old daughter has coined a new nickname for him... "OBAMAMA".

प्रेसीडंट इलेक्टला पण "मामा" बनवलं !

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Shiv Vada Pav" @ McDonald's?

Not many people know that the ubiquitous Vada Pav, the snack that "represents" Mumbai (Pav Bhaji being a close runner up) is a Shiv Sena creation. The aim was to provide self employment to the Berojgar Marathi Manoos.
Now Shiv Sena is trying to put old wine in new bottle with the launch of “Shiv Vada Pav” on 24 November at Shivaji Park. 25 Vada Pav stall across Mumbai will compete in the event for the best recipe and a 3 member team will judge the winner. The winning recipe will be crowned “Shiv Vada Pav” and will be introduced not only in Mumbai but also “beyond 7 seas”. The effort this time is to expose the DNA link between Vada Pav and Shiv Sena.
3M is surprised to see that McDonald’s is sponsoring the event… so will the humble vada pav make it to the McDonald’s menu in India and abroad?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

महाराष्ट्र कोणाचा?

Raj Thackeray's interview in "Maharashtra Konacha?" on Saam Marathi TV Channel...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

... 3M is not surprised that he is able to sway the younger set of Marathi Janta!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mumbai's woes: How other states are to blame


Mahesh Vijapurkar analyses the root cause of the current Marathi vs. Hindi controversy - Unequal development in India.


3M feels sad that such a good article is mired by some really frivolous comments. It's high time Rediff moderates these comments.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama and Marathi Manoos!


As Obamania sweeps the world, entire media (TV, Press, Internet etc) is buzzing with the news of a Black man becoming the president of USA! From a village in Japan having the same name to his father’s ancestral tribe in Kenya every one is celebrating… so I was not very surprised when my friend suggested that I should write about Obama in my blog. “But my blog is only about Marathi Manoos and Marathi world” I protested! “Doesn’t matter… just find some link”

So I googled “Obama Marathi”… but other than the fact that Obama’s autobiography ‘Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance`, is being translated into Marathi by Yamaji Malkar, there was no link…

…then I stumbled upon the news that Ramdas Padhye (Our true blue Marathi Manoos) crafted the Obama Puppets. May his (Padhye’s) tribes increase!

3M can think of another “link”… Obama is a Hanuman Bhakt (or so Live India TV keeps on claiming every alternate day)… And Hanuman was born on the Anjaneri mountain… which is located near Nashik… Does that make Hanuman a Marathi Manoos ? ;-))

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bharat Ratna for Pt. Bhimsen Joshi

3M joins millions of his fans in congratulating Pt. Bhimsen Joshi on being awarded the Bharat Ratna. Though his mother tongue is Kanada, Panditji's contribution to Marathi Culture is immense!

Marathi Abhanga in his divine voice!
Click here for more of his abhangas

Chhat is the new “Iftar” in Delhi!

I remember the coverage that Iftar parties got at the turn of the century on the news channels. Every Delhi politician worth his salt hosted Iftar parties. Muslim vote ka sawaal tha! Probably the media has now lost interest in this festive event…

… but there is a mad scramble in Delhi this year to been “seen” @ the Chhat Puja. From the dyed-in-wool Punjabi V K Malhotra to I-hate-biharis Sheila Dikshit, every one was “chhating” today. Aakhir “purvanchali vote” ka sawaal hai!

3M wonders why are none of the channels covering the Mumbai Chhat @ Juhu?

Questions that the "National" media dare not answer!

Amazing questions by Karnatique

Monday, November 3, 2008

Why are Punjabis protesting against MNS?

I came across this news report about people in Ludhiana (Punjab) protesting against Raj Thackeray. But if you read the article in detail, none of the people protesting are Punjabis... All Mishras and Guptas!


Classic Images of Marathi womanhood

Rao Bahadur M. V. Dhurandhar (1867-1944), a Marathi artist, had many firsts to his credit... from being the first Indian principal at the JJ school of Arts to being the first Indian to be awarded the Gold Medal by the Bombay Art Society. But probably his greatest influence on the common Marathi Manoos was his famous mythological images which along with Raja Ravi Verma's creations could be seen in every second Marathi home at the start of the 20th century.
I would like to share some images of Marathi womanhood captured by him about a century ago...

A Bhil Girl
A Bombay Lady
A Brahman Lady
A Fishwife of Bombay
A Gond Girl
A Mahar Woman
A Marathi Lady
A Naikin in Karwar
A Pathare Prabhu Lady
This post is dedicated to my mother who regaled me as a child with stories of the "Mumbaikar way of life" that she saw in her own childhood.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

No compensation if you are a Marathi Manoos!

Pravin Johare…
Dileep Surkate…
Nitin Dhakane…
Sachin More...

I bet you have never heard these names… but Dharamdev Rai has become a household name in India! So what is the connection? On 29th Nov 2003, these 4 Marathi teens coming to Mumbai from Bhusawal were thrown out of the running train after an argument over seats with Bihari passengers. Even after 5 years, the victims’ families have not got a single paisa as compensation either from Indian Railways or from Maharashtra Government... Unlike Dharamdev's case. Is Bihari blood thicker than Marathi blood?

Dharamdev Rai

3M condemns the killing of Dharamdev… but wants to highlight that Government reacts only if the victim's case gets a lot of publicity!

Why there was no “anti-North Indian” violence in Nanded?

If the hyper-animated anchors of the Hindi news channels are to be believed, the law and order situation in Maharashtra is worse than some banana republic! There is no doubt that there is a tense situation in the state over violence in protest of UP-Biharisation spearheaded by MNS. But instead of calming down the situation, the “national” media and UP-Bihar politicians seem to be instigating more violence.

So the question is… If Maharashtra has become so rabidly anti-North, how come the Gurta Gaddi Celebrations at Nanded have seen no violence? The secret lies in not provoking the locals into reacting… but working with them in a constructive manner. If the Akali Dal planned a rally in Nanded where they would have enticed the Sikhs to flex their political muscle, you could be sure that locals would have been provoked into reacting... not necessarily in a violent manner.

Let’s realise that the current situation in Maharashtra has arisen due to provocation by the UP-Bihari Politicians last year. But Lalu Yadav seems to be hell bent on further aggravating the situation with the statements he has made today. He has asked all the Bihari MPs and MLAs to resign over this issue. With Lok Sabha election just 6 months away, he has nothing to loose… But if the Bihar Assembly is dissolved, Nitish Kumar's tenure will be cut short by 2 years! चित भी मेरी… पट भी मेरा!

His game plan seems to be of provoking the Marathi Manoos into reacting violently on the Chhat Puja and then pressurize the Central Government to impose President’s rule in the state. This is some thing that Congress will be unwilling to do given that they are partners in the State Government. Using this excuse, he will withdraw support and prepone the Lok Sabha elections… enough political mileage to increase his seats in the next Lok Sabha.
Wah Bihari Babu… Maan gaye!

Competitive Hooliganism

Bihar IAS cadre attacked... coz her surname is Thackeray!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

1 Cr for Raj Thackeray's head!

Kishor Samrite, the Samajwadi Party MLA from Chhindwara, has declared a prize of Rs. 1 Cr for anyone who gets him Raj Thackeray's head!

His attempted suicide!

His past hillarious acts include sacrificing 200 goats, threatening self immolation in front of PMO , attempting suicide in Bhopal lake and defying party whips! It is amazing to see the extent to which politicians can stoop to get cheap publicity. Such acts can only happen in the Great Indian Democracy...

3M finds it funny that Samrite had demanded a separate Vidarbha state in the past of which he wanted his hometown Chhindwara to be a part of!

Dilemma of the “Elite Marathi Manoos”

Shobhaa De expressed her tacit support for Raj Thackeray’s cause during her interview with Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate (IBN-CNN). This seems to be a depature from her earlier stand. Bharat Dabholkar too spoke in support of the cause on different TV channels. Is it suddenly fashionable to flash your Marathi identity? Or is it genuine concern for the not-so-privileged Marathi Manoos?

For decades, the EMM (Elite Marathi Manoos) has tried to blend in the “Cosmopolitan Bombay”. Switching to Hindi or English in public, so that he is not looked upon as “Ghati”. This “Accommodating Maharashtrian” never asserted his cultural identity in the capital of his own state! Shiv Sena was derided as “goonda party” and a distance was maintained… till Raj came in his new avatar earlier this year. Frankly, he is doing exactly what his uncle did… but seems to be getting tacit support from EMM which Thackeray Sr. didn’t!

With the MNS मंथन, Maharashtra has been churned and polarized like never before. Suddenly, EMM is forced to take sides… which he is not very comfortable doing! So you see him reacting the way Shobhaa De is… empathizing with the “cause” but not the “method”.

3M feels time will tell if Raj will be able to woo EMM enough to actually make him vote for the MNS…

Death of a Marathi Manoos!

An interesting email is doing the rounds...

Counter View :- Death of a Marathi Manus.

Read and if you agree kindly Forward to Not Only Marathi People, But also to Non-Maharashtrians. Let them also be aware of the Situation that may happen to their Jobs as well.
A time will come in Maharashtra when, just like the Farmers in Maharashtra, the Graduate Youth of this State will Commit Suicide !!!!

This situation will arise because, All the Jobs in Maharashatra then, will be Occupied by Non- Maharashtrians. Non Maharashtrians here means not people from North India, South India, etc., But those People who are Not Domiciled In Maharashtra. Similar situation may happen to people of other states too.

Railway Recruitment Board aspirants are Brutally Beaten Up !!!

There is large scale Rioting in Bandra, Kalyan, etc !!!!


THINK.Why this Situation has come up ???

The Actual Truth is this :-
Since Independence India’s States were formed on the Basis of the Local Languages. Logical. Since 1976, The employment criteria of the Central Recruitment Board was divided into zones as per the General People of India. This division was based on the Local Language of the States.
Zone-A Bihar, Haryana, HP, MP, Rajasthan, UP, Andaman, Delhi formed the Hindi Speaking Zone.
Zone-B Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab & Chandigad, the Non Hindi Speaking Zone.
Zone-C Southern India States like Kerala, Karnataka, etc. & North Eastern States like Assam, Mizoram, Bengal etc.

The Central Employment Rule said that ‘All Exams for Employments in the respective Zones shall be Held in the Respective States Only.’ So that the Local People may get the Jobs in their Home Town. Very Logical. For 30 Years everything was going Fine.

But since 1987, there was a Minor Change in the Rule 9 Part 9.2.2, for Zone -B Jobs. And this was made a Rule since 1988. This change was that ‘As an optional Language of employement, People of Zone-A can Apply for Jobs in Zone-B.’ This opened up doors of Employement for All Zone-A aspirants in Zone-B areas.But with this Clause there was a Sub-Clause, stating ‘ The Notice of Jobs in Zone-B areas for Zone-A aspirants, May be given in Zone-A Areas only.’ Because of this, Recruitment Notices for Jobs in Maharashtra, etc. are Displayed Only in states like UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, etc. But these Notices are Seldom displayed in Newspapers of Maharashtra, etc.

So this time, for the 3000 Railway Posts in Maharashtra, 12000 Aspirants came from Zone-A areas. The Result of this is that, the Un-employed of Maharashtra is Remaining Un-employed. This will surely lead to Suicides in Due Course.
Many Parties over these years Requested the Central Recruitment Board to Cancel this Clause.But this was Not done. The Result of this is, the Large Scale Beating Up and Rioting Today. This violent means is Not Correct. But has there been any choice Left today ???

This mail is Not to Justify Violence, but to show to you how some Politicians, by Modifying some Rules, have Subtly ensured that their Constituency people get Better Employements. Why should all these Politicians hold rallies in Maharashtra ???

How will anything be done, as all these Years people like Nitish Kumar, Ram Vilas Paswanand Lalu Prasad Yadav are the Railway Ministers. Today many TCs, Booking Clerks, GRP, in the Mumbai Railways are from Zone-A areas. Today Many New Trains have been started to these States. Holiday Specials & Garib Raths are also run specially for these States. This is a Fact.
What Should Be Done ;- College Admissions and Employments should be Given on the Basis of Domicile Certificates. I remember in 1991, when I was applying for College Admissions I was asked to produce a Domicile Cert. But after my Batch this Rule was Relaxed. 17 years down the line we are Witnessing the Result of All this.

Agreed, 10%Out of Maharashtra People may be Allowed. But First Think of the Sons of Soil. This should be applicable Not Only in Maharashtra, but also in other States.

Read and if you agree kindly Forward to Not Only Marathi People, But also to Non-Maharashtrians. Let them also be aware of the Situation that may happen to their Jobs as well.

Author: vilas rane

Thackerayism to counter pseudo-secularism!

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