Saturday, November 1, 2008

1 Cr for Raj Thackeray's head!

Kishor Samrite, the Samajwadi Party MLA from Chhindwara, has declared a prize of Rs. 1 Cr for anyone who gets him Raj Thackeray's head!

His attempted suicide!

His past hillarious acts include sacrificing 200 goats, threatening self immolation in front of PMO , attempting suicide in Bhopal lake and defying party whips! It is amazing to see the extent to which politicians can stoop to get cheap publicity. Such acts can only happen in the Great Indian Democracy...

3M finds it funny that Samrite had demanded a separate Vidarbha state in the past of which he wanted his hometown Chhindwara to be a part of!

1 comment:

The Lone Wanderer said...

as the saying goes...

"any publicity is good publicity"

has any action been taken against him?

im sure not..


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