Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama and Marathi Manoos!


As Obamania sweeps the world, entire media (TV, Press, Internet etc) is buzzing with the news of a Black man becoming the president of USA! From a village in Japan having the same name to his father’s ancestral tribe in Kenya every one is celebrating… so I was not very surprised when my friend suggested that I should write about Obama in my blog. “But my blog is only about Marathi Manoos and Marathi world” I protested! “Doesn’t matter… just find some link”

So I googled “Obama Marathi”… but other than the fact that Obama’s autobiography ‘Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance`, is being translated into Marathi by Yamaji Malkar, there was no link…

…then I stumbled upon the news that Ramdas Padhye (Our true blue Marathi Manoos) crafted the Obama Puppets. May his (Padhye’s) tribes increase!

3M can think of another “link”… Obama is a Hanuman Bhakt (or so Live India TV keeps on claiming every alternate day)… And Hanuman was born on the Anjaneri mountain… which is located near Nashik… Does that make Hanuman a Marathi Manoos ? ;-))

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