Friday, November 21, 2008

Marathi CM for Rajasthan again?

Vasundhara Raje, the incumbent CM of Rajasthan, is facing the poll battle to save her gaddi... This article shows that she uses her mother tongue to communicate only with other leaders from Maharashtra... but does not flaunt her Marathi roots in public... Ghorpade in Karnataka, Rajnikant in TN, KC Pant in UP, Jyotiraditya Scindhia in MP are examples of prominent Marathi people who in their respective states have assimilated with the local culture

Something for Uttar Bharatiya politicians in Mumbai to emulate!

3M wonders if Vasundhara in Navwari Saree (Marathi Kashta Style) would have appeal with the Rajasthani Voters?


Anonymous said...

Hey bhau 1st know that rajasthani people are much like gujarati and marathi. and never think they are similar to UP and Bhihari. secondly almost all rajasthanis in maharashtra speak marathi... this is a fact. we respect marathi culture as we are much similar to you. people from rajasthan to goa are almost alike. if you see history, their ancestors were people who migrated from north-west to western line. even in north karnatka you will find much similar people though more towards south may not be the same case.

Anonymous said...

You experience yourself.

You go to any KIRANA shop, mostly ownerd by Gujaratis, or you go to any jewelry shop mostly ownerd by marwadis, the moment they realise that you are marathi, they will themself speak in marathi. And this is the practise they have been following before the birth of MNS.

Mostly, most of the Guju, and Rajasthani can speak fluent marathi and they do speak.

Just as on occasion as per the need of hour marathi ppl speak hindi so also gujurati and rajasthani.

Please note,even after post MNS, almost all marathis communicate in hindi without any hesitation or fear. You go to any bank/ PSU/GOV office or speak with any co-pasenger in train, marathi ppl will happily speak hindi.

In my opinion, there is no liguistic war or difference in maharashtra.


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