Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Shiv Vada Pav" @ McDonald's?

Not many people know that the ubiquitous Vada Pav, the snack that "represents" Mumbai (Pav Bhaji being a close runner up) is a Shiv Sena creation. The aim was to provide self employment to the Berojgar Marathi Manoos.
Now Shiv Sena is trying to put old wine in new bottle with the launch of “Shiv Vada Pav” on 24 November at Shivaji Park. 25 Vada Pav stall across Mumbai will compete in the event for the best recipe and a 3 member team will judge the winner. The winning recipe will be crowned “Shiv Vada Pav” and will be introduced not only in Mumbai but also “beyond 7 seas”. The effort this time is to expose the DNA link between Vada Pav and Shiv Sena.
3M is surprised to see that McDonald’s is sponsoring the event… so will the humble vada pav make it to the McDonald’s menu in India and abroad?


Anonymous said...

Interesting data for you to use...

BharGo said...

That is data... not analysis!

Apani Rasoi said...

You have a great food blog. Good detailed steps for recipe.

Apani Rasoi


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