Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Liberal Maharashtrians and Assimilating Non-Maharashtrians

I have been regularly reading a series on “Liberal Maharashtrians” in Hindustan Times (Mumbai Edition) who abhor violence and believe they are Indians first… Hey that makes 3M an LM!

But the question to the editor is that why do you stop at LMs only? Why don’t you start a series on “Non-marathi Maharashtrians" who have assimilated with the Marathi Culture to complete the loop?


ashwin said...

there are many assimilating non maharashtrians out there including yours truly but the thing is that their opinion doesnt matter as it comes with a non maharashtrian tag or they dont opine fearing backlash

4 General conditions currently prevalent....

if u r a marathi and u praise raj thackerey then u are marathi manoos

if u are a marathi and u criticize raj thackerey then u are a liberal maharashtrian

if u are a non marathi and u praise a raj thackerey u are a assimilating non maharashtrian

if u are a non marathi and u criticize raj thackerey then u are "Bhaiyya"

this is what the vibe i get around me.........

BharGo said...

Very well said... but i feel that assimilating non-marathi people should not be looked at through the "Raj prism"...

In my view my corner paanwala who used to wrinkle his nose when i asked for eggs in Marathi is a non-assimilating resident of the state... but to my astonishment he suddenly started "understanding" my Marathi words after MNS action!

Anonymous said...

How about assimilating Vir Sanghvi and Sujata Anandan of HT, who pointedly refer to the city as Bombay. Don't know whether they have Portuguese or British blood in their veins. Speaking about nomeclature these rascals did not mind switching from referring to terrorists as militants a few years back when the terrorists made it clear they would come to gried if they did not fall in line. So here we have journos readily bowing to terrorist dictats but stubbornly opposing the order of a democratically elected government.


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