Saturday, April 25, 2009

Will recession take the migrant load off Mumbai?

If Economic Times is to be believed… As jobs are lost in Mumbai, the demand for the “Mumbai-returned” talent in increasing in the hinterland!

As Gujarat and Southern States developed in 80s and 90s… the migrations from these states came down substantially… in fact many Gujarati families migrated back due to “better business opportunities”… while a number of my Southie friends went back to Hyderabad and Bangalore during the IT boom. Hopefully if this current phenomenon continues and we see some “reverse migration”, Mumbai might heave a sigh of relief…

When 3M recommends “Reverse Migration”, hinterlands of Maharashtra are also included in it!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think recession will affect these bhaiyya migrants. The problem is their ever-growing population.
Population growth rates of UP-Bihar are more than twice the population growth rates of other states.
Besides, unlike gujjus and south indians who came to maharashtra in a sincere search of better opportunities, bhaiyyas have come to CONQUER. These bhaiyyas will not leave maharashtra willingly. They need to be forcibly pushed out by making the laws that Raj Thackeray is talking about.


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