Thursday, April 16, 2009

“Cosmopolitan Candidates”

Read this article in DNA about how candidates are getting more cosmopolitan in Mumbai… Sidharth Bhatia writes “It is a fair bet that this kind of diversity would be missing in the candidates' list in say Kolkata or Chennai.”… this means that Maharashtra is far more accommodating than other states when it comes to ‘outsiders’…

3M feels that Bhatia is reemphasizing Raj Thackeray’s point that Marathi Manoos is losing his political clout in the city? BTW why is he so irritated about Shiv Sena releasing its manifesto in a 5 Star hotel? Are "Ghaati Parties" not good enough to make it to these hotels? As for "And the Marathiness of Mumbai can never be ignored--it is part of every Mumbaikar's DNA"... LOLROTF


TheBania said...

yeah throw all the gujaratis sindhis and marwadis out of mumbai then you can sell wada pav to each other and become prosperous.....i wish it happens
most companies have manufacturing facilities in the rest of india but choose to pay tax in mumbai(mah) as it is india's financial center and biggest market....if raj saheb suceeds in doing what he talks about then most of these companies will shift just waiting for this to happen

Mumbai never was a ghaati was portugeese , it was british and it was gujarati...but never maharashtrian learn to live with it.

Nikhil said...

I am also waiting for it.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder why these migrants failed to develop own state? Rajasthan is BIMARU state, Gujarat is behind Maharashtra as per all development indices, need not talk more n UP and Bihar.
Maharashtra is much bigger than Mumbai. It is far more industrious than any other state in India. Maharashtra’s GDP is double than its closest rival and three times more than Gujarat. Mah. has largest electricity mfg capacity and consumption in India. Maharashtra is not only second best in literacy, It also produces more Doctors, Engineers and graduates than any other state. There are more engineers in Pune than entire Gujarat. Industries had come here because they got best manpower in India and they go to other states only because they get huge tax exemptions. Remove tax rebates and see how many go there.
Mumbai is best and safest metro in this country only because it is created administered by Marathis.


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