Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chavan unhappy with Kore’s ‘Raj’karan

Maharashtra’s CM, Ashok Chavan is irked by the fact that one of the ministers has openly supported Raj Thackeray’s MNS in the Mumbai Elections. Vinay Kore of Jan Surajya Party is the Non-conventional Energy Minister in the current Maharashtra Government… He is known to have substantial influence on the Mumbaikars from the Kolhapur belt… Also the fact that JSP has fielded strong candidates in Nanded and Latur, the fiefdoms of current and ex CMs, has added to Congress’s anguish!

3M feels that Chavan’s outburst is uncalled for… JSP is a part of Lokshahi Aghadi (Coalition in Maharashtra) not United Progressive Alliance (Coalition in Centre)! Why is he bullying a small partner? If he has guts he should take on Sharad Pawar for fielding 12 candidates against Congress in other states! BTW was the Government sleeping when Raj Thackeray used the Prati Kolhapur dias to launch his Lok Sabha Campaign?


Anonymous said...

Agree, totally uncalled for comments by Chavan. Kore has replied in kind and made Chavan look like a kid. btw it is JSS (Jan Surajya Shakti) not JSP

Mihir said...

3M is spot on. Totally silly outburst by the CM. Vinay Kore is one of the rare ones who has not come up due to 'dynasty politics' practiced in India. Hope he goes from strength to strength and googling his name up, it seems he is indeed 'kosher'. Ek Marathi Manoos might want to consider doing a interview/write up/article on him if permissible.


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