Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now BJP tries to woo Marathi Manoos

After the MNS’s Marathi campaign, Shiv Sena had to reemphasise its Marathi roots to stay relevant to its core constituency… now its ally BJP has jumped into the fray demanding greater usage of Marathi in administration, road signages etc.

3M says that if BJP really wants to woo the Marathi Manoos it should set the ball rolling to settle the Belgaum Border Dispute… but who will bell the cat?


Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

Belgaum and merger of Marathi-speaking areas may never merge with Maharashtra for the simple reason that there is no political consensus within the same party, among all parties.

Even if the governments in the two states are ruled by the same party or allies, they have different stands depending on which side of the border they speak from.

A Janata Dal government there would not heed the voice of JD from Maharashtra. BJP now rules Karnataka but its party's pro-merger stance would never be acknowledged as relevant by the party and its government there.

In short, a dialogue of the deaf.

It is now in a deep moras. It would remain there. It would onlr remain grist to the mill for analysts, the media, and the political parties, That is all there is to it.

Anonymous said...

च्या मारी! आता आठवला काय मराठी माणूस या शिवसेना-भाजप चोरांना. भाजप सरकार बेळगावच्या मराठी लोकांवर करत असलेले अत्याचार, उद्धवचा लाई-चना, दोपहरका सामना, हिंदीमध्ये जाणता राजाचे शो आणि भाजपच्या भैय्या नेत्यांची राजच्या आंदोलनावर टीका मराठी माणसाने विसरु नये. शिवसेना-भाजपने इतकी वर्षं मराठी माणसाला मूर्ख बनवलं आहे. आता ते राजमुळे घाबरले आहेत. पण तो जेलमध्ये गेला होता मराठीसाठी. उद्धव-भाजप कोणी काहीच करत नाहीत.

BharGo said...

@ MV

Point taken... probably a bleeding wound suits politicians on both sides to divert attention from their incompetencies!

Uddhav said...

dear anon

Raj was part of SS when they started the "uttarayan" process. why din't he protest then?

The political said...

It is bound to happen.
Tomorrow congress will also stand on marathi side if marathi vote bank is promonent. Thanks to Hindi media for polarising marathi votes.
Every one is waiting for LS results. It will prove how strongly marathis are polarized.

If marathis decide to vote only for marathi cause irrespective of parties, all parties will stand by it.

BharGo said...

@ The political

If 7 Crore Marathis are not a Vote bank than what is????

If 3M senses the political mood in Mumbai, MNS will getting huge support...


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