Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shivajiraje beats Akki & Vin Diesel

In recent time, “De Dhakka” was the only Marathi movie that had a better opening than Hindi Movies released in the same week… not only in Maharashtra but also in the city of Mumbai. But its success looks puny in front of the record opening by ‘Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy’. The opening weekend collections were a whopping Rs. 1.5 Crs! The film overtook Akshay Kumar’s ‘8x10 Tasveer’ and Vin Diesel’s ‘Fast & Furious’.

3M hopes that the Marathi Film Industry will see the ‘Prabhat Days’ again!


Anonymous said...

damn....i dint get a single ticket in any of vile parle theatres on weekend as it was running full house.....but i am not sad as i am really happy with the fact that marathi films doing so well..jai maharashtra:)

BharGo said...

When I attended the 5.45 pm show @ Cinemax (andheri e)on the first day, half the theatre was empty... but the enthusiasm and response of the crowd was mind boggling... esp Shivaji's entry!

The audience response was as good as 'Janata Raja' or a Live Cricket Match!

Anonymous said...

This film is ridiculous.
The guy (Khedekar) shares his money with a Bhaiyya.
I don't think doing such things is in interest of marathi peole.
Shivaji Maharaj fought all his life against Auranzeb and his army who were essentially 'Uttar Bhartiyas'. Sambhaji Maharaj sacrificed his life but didn't agree to be servant of Uttar Bhartiya Aurangzeb. Shivaji Maharaj didn't share his money/wealth with Aurangzeb.
A film that gives message to treat these UP-Biharis as our brothers is actually giving suicidal advice to Maharashtrians. People talking abt Shivaji should not forget that Shivaji's beloved son was killed by north indians.

The Lone Wanderer said...

@ anonymous 2

man.....u are pathetically hilarious.

Well what did u think of the movie?
i personally like Sachin Khedkar a lot, a tremenously talented underrated actor..though its difficult to imagine Mahesh as Shivaji. Will watch the movie soon.

Marathi Movies have been doin well and thats a good thing. What i personally like is some very relevant, sensitive and real movies have been made in the last few years.

would like to cite a scene from Dombivili Fast....
The Lead actor(Sandeep i think im not sure) is travellin by train and there's this guy sitting in front of him(immigrant) talkin about how he plans to get his family in the city.
Point well made in a subtle way without any jingoistic statements.

more power to marathi cinema

BharGo said...

@ Anon 2

U sound like Don Quixote... go find ur Sancho Panza


I had put up my comments on the movie last friday itself... do check the older post on the movie... also read this analysis

I am sure you will find it interesting

anand said...

movie is hillarious...
It feels proud to be an indian and marathi. waiting for entry in oscar.
jay ho maharashtra !!!!

- anand


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