Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BJP fields an ‘Anti-Bhaiyya’ candidate

During the ‘Anti-Bhaiyya’ campaign by MNS, BJP leadership (national as well as regional) spoke against Raj Thackeray… keeping in mind the North Indian voters. So, BJP does not believe in such ‘parochial’ tendencies… or so 3M thought till he realized that the party has given LS ticket in Solapur to Sharad Bansode, the man who directed and produced the controversial movie “Mumbai Aamchich”. This movie was initially banned by the censors (Read Sharmila Tagore) for promoting anti-north sentiments in Maharashtra but was later released with Raj Thackeray’s blessing in 2007.

So is BJP running with the rabbits and hunting with the hounds?


The Lone Wanderer said...

Any specific reason of referring to sharmila tagore besides the fact that she heads the censor board?

BharGo said...

Her comment on May 17 2007 “We do not have any personal issues against the filmmaker. However, in a democratic country like India, where people have equal rights irrespective of creed or caste, this board cannot authenticate or approve the humiliation of any particular section of society. Not only has this film, endorsed a vicious outlook towards a certain segment of people, but even the director as a responsible police officer, has justified such violence.”

News reports then suggested that she had not even seen the film then but taken this extreme position


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