Monday, April 6, 2009

Sena-BJP Rally – a Damp Squib

Sena-BJP did not look like a coherent front in yesterday’s rally @ Shivaji Park… The strain in the relationship was evident as Pawar’s shadow loomed large over the gathering. Though Uddhav did pitch for ‘Advani as PM’, it hardly looked convincing. Absence of Vajpayee, Mahajan and Thackeray Sr made the whole event lackluster!

3M was irritated when Balasaheb’s ‘hi-tech’ speech turned out to be a video recording and not a live telecast… What so high technology about a recorded message? Surprisingly in his speech Thackeray Sr made no mention of either Advani or BJP… he only asked the Janta to vote for Shiv Sena. Looks like Sena will tango with NCP for the assembly elections!

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The Lone Wanderer said...

and to add to that......was listening to a pawar speech in a UPA rally. He looked out of sorts as well. well 'Kahin pe Nigahe kahin pe Nishana'.


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