Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The missing link

Even as Mumbaikars heave a sigh of relief that the decade long Bandra-Worli Link project nears completion as the "Last link" is put in place... The even grander Trans-harbour link is put in the cold storage!
3M fails to understand as to how come the congress government in Delhi is able to complete infrastructure projects in record time... while we have to wait for decades!

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The Lone Wanderer said...

delayin such important projects should be considered as treason. Delhi has benefited a lot from getting to host the commonwealth games. Only time when Mumbai looks clean is when the PM or the President visits.

Was just wondering whether the chief misister's visits too lead to quick fix cleaning of roads or not.

As for the infrastructure projects, if even the same coalition govt. at the centre and in the state doesnt help then i guess nothing will.


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