Monday, April 13, 2009

No Marathi please… U R in ‘Republic of South Bombay’

At a ‘Meet your candidate’ event in the snooty Mumbai South Constituency, the organizers insisted that Marathi cannot be used as a medium of conversation as most people “don’t understand the language”… It happens only in Maharashtra!


Anonymous said...

"At one point, a man stood up and began shouting at anybody who did not speak in Marathi, until a woman lawyer yelled at him in Marathi to sit down and shut up"...this was printed in toi as if the woman has done somthin really great....such pathetic n one sided reporting.

iampriteshdesai said...

typical South Bombay Snobishness...
and at the end of the day it will be the 'uncultured' ghati marathi manoos responsible for his avts of hooliganism...
I wonder if those suckers would have stopped any one from speaking in Gujarati...
they would have said that we should encourage people to speak in gujarati, since it shows our cosmopolitian nature.

BTW how about theming your site with Shivaji Maharaj's image??

BharGo said...

@ Anon

Ya its the same TOI which refuses to review Marathi Movies in Maharashtra... but reviews Kannada movies in Karnataka and Telgu movies in AP!

The Lone Wanderer said...

well lolz..........i refer to is as United States Of South Bombay.

TOI has been running a campaign for Milind deora and congress along with Lead India. All that for nonpatisanship

Anonymous said...

Its a SHAME.Can no one do something abt it. I wish those politicos broke bones of these suckers rather than going behind poor migrants. Its is extremely demeaning and insulting. Why dont we actually boycott ToIlet paper?

Anonymous said...

My cousin - a typical south Mumbai guy told his parents that they should not speak marathi at home because his north indian wife does not understand the language. He grew up speaking marathi at home..but now he says that he has lost touch with marathi because all his friends and co-workers in mumbai are non-marathi and his wife is from UP. He is not at all ashamed of not speaking marathi, but strangely PROUD of that.
Why would north indians respect marathi, when marathi guys of new generation have no affection towards the language!

iampriteshdesai said...

@upper anon
Some Maharashtrians do it :(
but majority dont and using the same logic we can laugh at gujratis, marwaris, s. indians, etc -- because Indian's don't respect themselves and love all things foreign! Why should we respect Indians when Indians when they themselves don't respect themselves??

Anonymous said...

Read this article very late, but no regret situation is same for decades.

I always wonder whether TOI has ever taken readership survey on lingual population basis. I am sure they will be ashamed with what they do with readers.

Marathis are the KEY subscribers of TOI news print.

Marathis are @ 38% of city's population. Next major lingual population is hindi - 22%, followed by Gujarati - 18%, followed by Urdu - 10%.

Total south Indian population (of all languages cumulative)is not more than 10%.

Now considering most of Hindi & Urdu population is illiterate-migrant,not TOI reader. Gujarati readers also do not prefer English daily considering low literacy rate. So the rest is Marathi & South Indians.

Out of which South Indians are sure TOI readers. Many marathi homes enjoy Marathi & English daily every day boost TOI circulation.

Hope Mr. Jain is reading.


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