Thursday, April 23, 2009

Raj T goes gaming online with Zapak

When Raj Thackeray launched his party’s official website ( 2 months ago, 3M was impressed by the content… sadly it turned out to be a “near static” site! Imagine… how can they keep “forthcoming events” blank during the Lok Sabha Elections? Guys, take some lessons from BJP on the e-front… From to and from SMS to Facebook, they have exploited all options!

Just when 3M thought MNS had “lost” the e-battle… they come out with A gaming site… rudimentary but probably a first in India! MNS has correctly identified its target group... youth.


Ashutosh said...

actually the games sucks :(
but the mns will enjoy publicity

BharGo said...

Yup... their marketing cell needs some polish!


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