Thursday, April 9, 2009

म मराठीचा - “मास्तर” Brown comes to Maharashtra

In the late seventies, BBC ran a sitcom called “Mind your language” that can now be considered iconic. This was the time when the concept of “Multicultural Britain” was getting established and the serial was well received. Professor Brown would handle the class full of contradictions including a Pakistani and a Sikh baying for each other’s blood. There was a reasonably successful effort make an Indian version called ‘Zaban Sambhal Ke’ about a decade back…

So when 3M came across hoardings of म मराठीचा (M Marathicha) across Mumbai, he was delighted. The hoarding has Atul Parchure as Marathi Master with Dhotar, Coat, Kolhapuri Chappla and Topi… as imortalised in movies like Pinjara and Bangarwadi. Sadly today’s episode exposed the bad production quality and poor script. The Mi Marathi Channel management will have to tighten its belt if they have to survive the fight for the Marathi eyeballs!

As 10 year old, 3M remembers seeing MYL on the VCR of his 'London returned' class mate – Mansoor… those were the days!

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