Sunday, April 5, 2009

MNS fields a ‘Bhaiyya’ candidate - Shalini Thackeray

Talking of women candidates... here is an interesting case study!

When Raj Thackeray declared that Shalini Thackeray, his cousin’s wife, would contest from Mumbai North-West, it raised quite a few eyebrows… for she was the first from this ‘remote control dynasty’ to contest elections. But you can hardly call that the controversial part of her candidature… A birdie told 3M that Shalini is born to a Punjabi father and ‘Uttar Bharatiya’ mother and migrated to Mumbai in her teens!

So Rajsaheb… is it change of heart? Or the Thackeray surname washes away the ‘Bhaiyya’ tag of your candidate?


The Lone Wanderer said...


indian politics is all about ironies.

Anonymous said...

raj thackerey has already mentioned in his speeches wht he meant by Marathi.REcall his speeches.

Indian said...

Ya... all the MNS goondas asked the Taxi Drivers if they were fitting RT's definition of Marathi before vandalising their cabs?

Anonymous said...

I think this Shalini is going to be the Sarah Palin of Raj Thackeray.
Though I support MNS, I really hope and pray that no marathi manoos votes for Shalini Bhaiyya whatever.
Another Bhaiyya in MNS is Vaghesh Saraswat who too is against marathis but controlling Raj through some levers.


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