Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bada Bhai… Chhota Bhai…

Narendra Modi made a very impressive bhashan at a rally in Thane last Sunday… He tomtomed about how Gujarat has whizzed past other states on the economic ladder!

Some interesting lines from his speech – “We were a part of Maharashtra (Read: We Gujaratis)… You are the elder brother… We are the younger brother… when we parted way, you had everything … We left the house without anything (Read: Mumbai)… and look where we are today… you have lagged behind because you decided to join hands with Congress!”

3M is amused that half a century after creation of Maharashtra, the Gujarati psyche is still troubled with the ‘Loss of Bombay’… Modisaheb, if you aspire to be the PM someday “We vs You” speeches are not going to help!

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iampriteshdesai said...

Who wants that Indian Hitler for PM?
He sucks!


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