Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marathi @ Prithvi

Sanjana Kapoor is keeping the theatre tradition of the family flying high with her sustained effort at Prithvi Theatre. This venue will host plays by Mahesh Elkunchwar and Satish Alekar in the days to come.

3M has observed that over the last few years she has been making a sustained effort to encourage Marathi Nataks at Prithvi… sadly Marathi Manoos is not responding! How come the same nataks draw huge crowds as Dinanath Natyagruha just 2Kms away? Probably Marathi Manoos looks upon Prithvi as an ‘elite venue’ beyond his reach…


Bharat Dhanu said...

I don't think marathis are afraid of elite venue any more. If the nataks at prithvi theater fails to gather crowd the responsibilities goes to poor marketing.

Anonymous said...

my friends/SATISH ALEKAR s a verry great ARTIST/i have seen him for years/why he ws avoided/don't know/N.H>Satsh just keep t up/


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