Friday, March 6, 2009

Architects not keen on Shivaji Memorial

One of the grandest promises in the Congress-NCP Election Manifesto for the last assembly elections was to erect a memorial dedicated to Shivaji that is ‘taller than the Statue of Liberty’. The government slept on this initiative for 3 years and in the run up to this election has revived the proposal. According to the plan the memorial will be built in the sea off Marine Drive and will have a museum, amphitheatre etc.

Last year, they invited proposal from leading architects around the world for this memorial, with a few lac rupees as the first, second and third prize. The government was expecting 50 to 60 entries. Surprisingly, only three architects have come forward to participate in this ‘contest’… now all are assured of a prize even if they submit shoddy designs!

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