Saturday, March 14, 2009

Migration is good for you!

Raj Thackeray might strongly disagree… but a World Bank Report says that large scale migration from the cow belt to Mumbai is actually good for the city! The real culprit is the poor land regulation policy… not migration.

3M is wondering if this report was scripted by Lalu Yadav or Amar Singh? Why can’t Lucknow, Kanpur and Patna be developed as counter magnets to ‘localise migration’ from rural areas in UP and Bihar? Hasn’t migration from southern states reduced substantially after Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore were developed?

BTW 3M totally agrees that Mumbai has archaic land regulation policies… and these have actually pushed the Marathi Manoos out of the city!


Nikhil said...

our politicians are responsible for all this. for any bad or good situation only politicians are responsible. if top order perform their tasks, all other will follow them.
and v never had any CM from Mumbai(citation needed) , so any CM hardly cares about this city.

Bharat Dhanu said...

@ Nikhil

The fact is that no PM is bothered about this city. Central government sucks huge revenue from here in terms of I.T, Service tax & Excise and gives nil in return. The catastrophic rail network of the city is classic example. Kolkata metro was sanctioned 25 yrs ago and completed. Delhi Metro 10 yrs ago, is also completed and is huge success but Where is metro in Mumbai ? still under red tape. Even in recent rail budget nothing is allotted to Mumbai. Central gov. all the time imposes double standard when it comes to expenses on Mumbai. For other cities they always ready to take whole burden & when it comes to network in Mumbai or Mah. they want major load to be taken by Mah. govt.

For your more information Manohar Joshi the very resident of this city & ex - mayer was CM for 4 yrs. Narayan Rane, who was his successor is also resident of this city.


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