Friday, March 13, 2009

King Pawar still gets his privy purse!

After Independence, Vallabhbhai Patel convinced 500+ princely states in India to merger with the Indian union in return for the “Privy Purse”. In 1971, Indira Gandhi abolished the system and stripped Indian Royalty of their titles to 'strengthen socialism' in India.

But royalty is still officially recognized on the borders of Gujarat and Maharashtra – in a district called “The Dangs”. 5 Dangi kings (with most having the surname Pawar) still 'rule the Dangs' for a day on Holi. The day is marked by an event called Dangs Darbar where all the Dangi nobles & tribals pay their tributes to their kings. Government still pays a privy purse of about Rs. 50000/- to each of these kings!

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