Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maharashtra grappling with Ghashiram Kotwals

Rohit Chandavarkar has made an interesting point about Ghasiram Kotwals (‘Marathi equivalent of Frankenstein’ for the uninitiated) haunting the Maharashtra Politics… But he has got some facts wrong -
  • Marathas constitute 33% and not 50% of the Maharashtra population
  • They do dominate politics and police forces but are weakly represented in judiciary and bureaucracy
  • He refers OBCs as a single community… when 50 odd castes have the OBC tag
It should be noted that Supreme Court has restricted the total reservations at 50%... so Marathas will never get a separate quota… and OBC leader will not take a cut in their reservations… Once elections are over the issue will be referred to the judiciary where it will be kept in cold storage and will be revived in 2014 in time for the next elections!

Also 3M cannot believe that Vinayak Mete can organize such a large rally @ Shivaji Park without logistic and monetary support from NCP… This seems to be part of Pawar’s grand design to weaken the Congress!

BTW Chandavarkar has failed to mention the 3rd Kotwal… MNS

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Anonymous said...

Modi is right. The north supremacist Congress with its commitment to fuedal, regressive cow belt values is a huge drag on Maharashtra.


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