Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tumhara Khoon Khoon... Humara Khoon Paani?

When 3M was planning to write the hypocracy of media of covering Taj attack in detail but giving CST a cold shoulder, Gnani Sankaran slammed the media for doing the same. No need to do a redux though I do not agree with all the points raised!

Is there so much outrage against terror this time because the Mumbai Gliteratti was a victim? Usually Hoi Polloi are killed in terror attacks... when the creme de la creme of the society is hurt, media howls!


iampriteshdesai said...

The same letter was printed today in HT. Vir Sanghvi wrote an article about Taj and kept on blabbing pride of india!

The Lone Wanderer said...

i dont want to get into the hypothesis of whether the media wud hav done the same if someone had just shot people dead randomly and walked away or got caught at the taj...but the fact is that the hostage crisis increased the magnitude of the taj and the oberoi it involves survives on drama....
not that i like it....that use of heavy background score along with visuals of the victims was pathetically sensational......but u knw people do watch it and worse still like it...
if u have seen sarkar has one of the best lines in recent times

"public ko development nahi entertainment chahiye."


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