Saturday, December 27, 2008

'MahaPol' joins Ek Marathi Manoos

Please join me in welcoming ‘MahaPol' as a fellow contributor to ‘Ek Marathi Manoos’. He is a senior political analyst with a reputation for having his fingers on the pulse of Maharashtra Politics. Giving in to his demand, 3M has agreed to keep him incognito!

Though MahaPol will contribute his views once in a while, his main contribution will be ‘MahaPol Power List’. Starting January 2009, he will publish the ‘Power List’ of the top 25 politicians in Maharashtra on the first of every month. Track the winners and losers in the “Snakes and Ladders” game of Maharashtra’s Politics… month on month!


Anonymous said...

"Ek Marathi Manoos" is no more "Ekta"! there is company now.

tejaswini said...

There is no Maharathi Mannos in Maharahtra politics for Marathi Manoos.

Ronak said...

Raj Thakre ekmev marthi manoos

mangesh said...

there is only one marathi manoos who also known as tiger of maharashtra "BALASAHEB THAKRE"


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