Monday, December 1, 2008

लटपट लटपट तुझं चालणं Latapata Latapata Tujha Chalana

A Lavni set against the sunset of Maratha Empire...

The political situation shown in this movie (Amar Bhupali) is similar to the one we are facing now... Then the Peshwa and his men are so engrossed in Lavni that they were ill-equipped to fight the incoming British Army... Deshmukhs and Patils are the new Peshwas... or Emperor Neros!

History repeats itself!



Mard Maratha said...

How true... We don't learn from the past!

Anonymous said...

Peshwai lavnit budali Peshwai mhanje maratha nahi i

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Peshwai was the pinnacle of Maratha empire... once defeated marathas became slaves to the Brits


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