Friday, December 26, 2008

Raj ki Baat

Raj Thackeray seems to be coming back into his elements after the post 26/11 hiatus. His public meeting in Pune drew good crowds where he made some very clever statements… the best one was “irrespective of your party, be proud of being Marathi” – An attempt to put “national” parties on the back foot by confusing their cadre!

He also stressed on a point that 3M had made earlier on this blog – shrinking electoral clout of Marathi Manoos in Maharashtra due to delimitation. He gave an example of Kolhapur District where the assembly seats have shrunk from 11 to 9. These 2 seats have been shifted to Mumbai Metropolitan Region… where immigrants will decide the fate of the politicians. “No wonder these national parties are going in for minority appeasement.”

Obviously, if Congress-NCP & BJP-SS combines are not going to assuage the fear of Marathi Manoos – real and imaginary, the coming elections will see Raj grabbing a sizeable chunk of the votes!

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Anonymous said...

Beating up biharis was wrong, but still no other damn party, BJP, Congress, Shiv Sena give a damn about Marathis.


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