Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NCP is the big brother in Maharashtra!

Yesterday, Maharashtra Congress looked like a party in shambles while NCP came across as a strong cohesive force that knows where it is going… NCP was clear about its ministerial candidates while Congress was “negotiating” with the high command till the last moment on whom to include… The NCP team seems to be loaded with “heavy weights” while Congress has again picked up hot potatoes like Suroopsingh Naik!

During the post-swearing in ceremony press conference when Ashok Chavhan was unable to respond to a query, his deputy Chhagan Bhujbal took over the mike and gave a credible response… 3M is in no doubt who is the big brother in the coalition and the post assembly elections CM might be a NCP man… with or without Congress support!

Pawar is Power... rest dont matter!


Nikhil said...

The sad thing is that it's not the person's potential but his loyalty which is taken into consideration while 'distributing' ministries.
Maharashtra's Bad Luck

Anonymous said...

Bad luck? Its the stupidity of the voters who voted these sycophants into power...


Anonymous said...

There is a famous quote by Shiv Khera.. A leader is a reflection of his voters.


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