Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marathi Manoos & Business?

For all those (including 3M) who believe that Marathi Manoos is not entrepreneurial, here is an event to prove them wrong. Jagatik Marathi Chamber of Commerce and Industries is holding “Global Marathi Business Leaders’ Conference” in Rang Sharda Auditorium, Mumbai from 27th to 28th December 2008. This is a platform for interaction within the Marathi Business Community as well as with the Government machinery.

3M wishes JMCCI as the best for their endeavour… May their tribes increase!


Anonymous said...

Pandu-log dhanda karne laga?

Bharat Dhanu said...

This will be unjust to believe that Marathis are damn foolish for a business.
The fact is that they do not have family background for business. We can seen so many Marathi entrepreneurs doing well in their new businesses than their other counterpart. and their second generation is doing what is nurtured in family. Its only question of initializing by a generation and the rest follows routinely. Marathis have businesspersons like Kirliskar who have laid foundation of Industry in Maharashtra or builders like Paranjpes who initiated mass housing schemes in Mumbai. We can find dominance of Marathi builders in Pune where they do excellent business and innovative and quality cautious hence always on win over their marvari counterparts.

If we speak on all India canvas Marathis are just like all other Indain communities excepting, Marwaris ( and not Rajasthani in general), Sindhis and Kachis( All are geographically attached terrain.) Gujaratis learned this attitude from Kachhis. Every one else is in search of a job. Kerlites, Kannads, Tamils, Telgus all migrate out of state go anywhere in India or abroad in search of job. It is the case of Bengalis, Oriya & people from Hindi belt. One can say they are not good in business. But since Maharashtra is a fertile land for prosperity business minded people from all over India come and take a chance & succeed and blame come on Maharashtrian for non entrepreneurship. Same blame Bengali gets in Kolkatatta where marvaris dominate.


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