Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maharashtra Lok Sabha 2009 Predictions

Before the news channels start broadcasting their exit poll results today evening, MahaPol has decided to stick out his neck and ‘predict’ the outcome in Maharashtra!


Amit said...

If SS+BJP take 28 seats in Maharashtra, Its very good sign..

My prediction is SS+BJP 32 in Maharashtra.

Sachin said...

I feel personally, MSN will grab atleast three seats in Loksabha elections.. i can tell which one -
1. Nashik
2. South Mumbai
3. Thane/Navi Mumbai
lets see, hope for the best :)

neelakantan said...

Very interesting. Now lets wait till Saturday. Actually tomorrow (or is it tonite), all the exit polls will begin :)

Let the fun begin

BharGo said...

have requested MahaPol to give an estimate it for the entire country... hope he gives it before 5 today!

sharad said...

I personal feel that even if MNS grabs two seats they will be entitiled for the actual nishanii and it will help for the state elections alot.

Nishad said...

great exit poll...
most predictions are wrong.


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