Saturday, May 16, 2009

Raj sinks the Saffron boat in Mumbai


Anonymous said...

do u think mns actually was helping congress.....

and will mns go with ncp during vidhan sabha?

Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

Raj Thackeray was not in league with any other political party, I suspect, but was bent on kicking the Shiv Sena in its teeth. He just proved his ability to undo the uncle and cousin's dreams. Look out for this party in the Assembly elections - there could be parties seeking alliances and individuals seeking its tickets.

There is another suspicion I have: 'Mee Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy' could have been part of the Raj Thackeray campaign. He may not have owned it up for it would have been very heavy on the party, having to account for it in the election expenses.

Anyone who saw the film would have voted for his party. Smart thing, that.

Nimish Shah said...

Raj Thackeray is a rock star!

Bharat Dhanu said...

MNS has also eaten congress - ncp votes heavily. In Mumbai MNS got 8,67,000 votes, the vote bank of sena - bjp shrunk by 5,95,000 votes and that of both congress by 3,68,000 votes.
This proves that they have managed to impressed traditional congress supporters as well.


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