Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why media fingers Raj Thackeray?

Media loves throwing in the RT factor even when it’s not warranted… probably just to catch some eyeballs. It’s amazing how Midday creates news out of nothing!
In fact 3M feels that Shubham Sharma (the student described in the article) can become MNS’s poster boy… an assimilating north Indian!


Anonymous said...

The article is totally relevant and is in no way "Trying to catch eye balls." Raj (and the likes) should hang their heads in shame that too with the achievements of a 12 year old! His politics is based on a non-issue (the MM have nothing else left to blame for their lot so why not the north Indians as Shiv Sena has already used the muslims/south Indians blame game) and this article clearly puts the whole matter in perspective.

Nikhil said...

the article is totally irrelevant. and i guess even raj thackeray would feel happy after reading this article but i feel pity for the journalist who wrote this article.
and d anon person need to get his facts at right place. raj thackeray never abused/criticised north indians.
also, d article shud encourage d so called north indian people who dont respect d local culture and local language.

Shalmilee said...

My cousins (Marathi) were born and brought up in Bangalore and studied in a Kannada School... one of them even topped the school... no newspaper lauded the effort. coz u are expected to learn kannada there. But most North Indians refuse to learn even a smattering of other languages!


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