Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Golden Words" on Goldren Jubilee

Verbal skirmishes between Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan and Raj Thackeray on Maharashtra Day were hilarious… Both made their comments when they arrived at Hutatma Chowk to ‘pay their tributes to Martyrs’.

CHAVAN: This is the Golden Jubilee of Maharashtra… It’s sad that on such a pavitra (holy) occasion only Congress party is present… I have with me the Head of Maharashtra Congress (Manikrao Thakre) as well as Mumbai Congress (Kripashankar Singh)… Where are other parties? How come those who express their "love for Maharashtra" are absent?

THACKERAY: His father “picked up the shoes” of Sanjay Gandhi during a rally @ Shivaji park (in the 70s)… such a person should not teach us about “love for Maharashtra”!

3M is amused that the CM finds this occasion “Pavitra”… has he forgotten in whose memory the Hutatma Memorial has been erected? Let’s refer the 3Mpedia… Once upon a time there was a ‘Bombay State’ in India with the city of Bombay as its capital. The state had parts of current day Sindh, Gujarat, Western Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka. When Linguistic States were planned a demand for ‘Samyukta Maharashtra’ came up… a single Marathi speaking state carved out from Bombay State, Hyderabad State (Marathwada) and Madhya Bharat (Vidarbha). In the city of Bombay, the Gujarati community dominated the local Congress unit and pressed for a separate ‘City State’. Large scale protests (some of then violent) under the auspices of Samyukta Maharashtra Chalwal erupted across the state. Morarji Desai, the then CM of Bombay State, asked the police department to crack down heavily on the protestors… which lead to 105 deaths! These 105 people are venerated at Hutatma Chowk as Martyrs who ensured a unified Marathi state. Ironically, the party which has blood on its hands of these 105 people is paying tribute to them half a century down the line!
Does that mean that Congress has “accepted” Mumbai as an integral part of the Maharashtra? Of course not! In case you didn’t know each state in the country has a Pradesh Congress Committee… eg BPCC – Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee. But Maharashtra is a unique state… it has a Mumbai Pradesh Congress Committee for the city and a Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee for rest of the state. Mind you other cosmopolitan cities like Surat and Bangalore do not have such privileges. 49 years after the creation of the state, the Congress party refuses to acknowledge the fact that Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra… as if they are the torch bearers of the Bombay Citizens’ Committee. 3M challenges the Congress High Command to abolish the Mumbai Pradesh Congress Committee… that is in case they want to build bridges with Marathi Manoos!
Instead of taking on Chavan by presenting the historical perspective, Raj Thackeray preferred to make personal attacks on the CM… what a wasted opportunity!

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Anonymous said...

mr chavan has no love fo marathi people....on the new show on star mazha when he was asked "is he fine if an upite will be maharashtra`s cm"....that moron was totally cool with it.........
raj.t rightly said we dont need some chavan to teach us bout love maharashtra...


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