Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toofan aur Diya

Midday has written an article to deplore the discount-for-Maharashtrians @ Diva Maharashtracha... First Restobar in the world to serve authentic Marathi cuisine.

Incidently, I have been to the restaurant 5 times and never got a discount. We spoke to the waiter in Marathi... but most of them have a Nepali accent and can't speak Marathi! Once Dr. Suhas Awchat did meet me and my wife at Goa Portuguesa (their sister concern) and said that the discount is applicable if we can sing a Marathi song or compose a उखाणा (A kind of Marathi Limerick). As neither of us have a poetic bent of mind, we had to pay the full price! He said that this was his way of promoting Marathi culture. I think Media is again unnecessarily fueling the Marathi-Hindi clash!

3M wonders - Thinking of discounts, I have seen a lot of hotels giving discounts to Doctors... is that unfair?

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