Friday, September 26, 2008

Pa"War" against reservation

Over the last few months, there is a rising demand for reservation for the Maratha community. Various politicians have overtly and covertly supported the idea. But the proposal is contradicting the very objective of reservation. Reservation is meant for the oppressed classes. Marathas are the traditional land owning class... so how can they take benefit of reservation? Their argument is that castes like Leva Patil, Agri & Mali too have been landowning caste and have got this benefit. With Gujjar reservation in Rajasthan, they are certainly hopeful.

Surprisingly, this week Sharad Pawar, the strongest Maratha Politician, has shot down the idea saying that he will not support "snatching away the morsel from the needy"!

3M wonders - Marathas constitute 33% of the Maharashtra's population... Already 45% of the population is benefitting from reservation... So who is left?

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