Friday, September 12, 2008

Cub roars louder than the Tiger!

The Anti-Bhaiyya campaign to Marathi Patya and now Bacchan Blockade, Raj has proved that he is chip of the old block. The Marathi masses, who felt that their "cause" has been abandoned by Shiv Sena, suddenly have a new hero! Even Marathi people who do not approve of his methods grudgingly admit that he is a rising star on the Maharashtra political scene.

In the post Bal Thackeray Era, Raj will just walk over and take control of Shiv Sena from the weaker cub. Power is never given... it is snatched. Chandra Babu snatched it from Laxmi Parvati and Jayalalitha from Janaki when the patriachs of their respective parties were no more or were weakened.

I see that happening sooner than later!

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