Monday, September 15, 2008

Marathi Patya

Suddenly, everywhere in Mumbai you see Marathi Patya (Signboards). Shops are clamouring to ensure that the local language is seen. Some have done it in a clumsy manner and some have done it with finesse… while some have stubbornly refused to fall in line. When we have a half-century-old rule that all signboards of a shop or establishment have to be in the local language (No restriction on use of other language), why was it not implemented? Even by Shiv Sena when it was in power? Probably it makes sense to raise the issue when you are in the opposition!

Interestingly, when you apply for the renewal of a shop license in Maharashtra, this rule is the first thing that is printed on the form. So why do government officials renew the licenses of non-complying shops? The argument given by some people was that Mumbai is an “international” city… and we need to maintain an “international look”! But even Beijing, Athens and Bangkok are “Intenational Cities” and they are not apologetic about their language… So why should we be ashamed of our language?

P.S. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Vodafone Logo in Marathi… something that I had not seen for its predecessors - Hutch and Orange!


Neelakantan said...

This blog is a commercial blog? Does its board have to be in the local language? :)

In any case, Karnataka has a similar rule which is followed quite religiously thanks to your favourite KRV.

1conoclast said...


Why are you a mumbaikar & not a Bombayite?

BharGo said...

coz I was born a "mumbaikar"... not a "Bambaiwala" or a "bombayite"...

These are actually mindsets... pl read my other comment..


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