Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where have all the Paos gone?

3M studied in a Christian missionary school… and tends to get nostalgic about all things ‘Pao’ (Read ‘Local Christian Culture’)… so when his Catholic colleague invited him for his engagement at Chakala… 3M was more that eager!
Memories of childhood -
Vindaloo & Sausages… Uncles blurting ‘What Maan!’…
Strumming of Guitar… Dishes made from ‘Bottle Masala’…
Football in rains… Girls in ‘mana’ dresses…
Guys in black coats… Grannies in Lugda (Nine yards Sarees)…
the list is endless!

But 3M was in for a rude shock… The boy was in a Kurta… the girl in a ‘Punjabi Dress’… worst of all... not a single girl in a western outfit… Punjabi dresses and Sarees everywhere… No guy in a ‘coat n tie’ either! The DJ made a feeble attempt at playing some ‘western chartbusters’… but within minutes succumbed to Punjabi numbers. They served Chicken Tikka and Punjabi Samosa as snacks… sheer blasphemy!

The Booze Counter and the priest chanting “Father… the son…” were the only things indicating that this is a ‘Pao’ event! So before they served Rogan Josh, Paneer Makhani and Parathas, 3M decided to give lunch a ‘Kalti’! God… can’t take this Punjbification of India any more… Yashraj Movies will rot in hell!

BTW when is ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’ releasing? Got to book the tickets!


Anonymous said...

although i love punjabi food and respect the culture, i agree the punjabification sucks. Its good dat ppl are opening up against cultural hijack of india started by bollywood punjus.i remeber reading article against in some film- website too. Get away with those mundas and mundis now, with due respect to punjab!

Aditya Rao said...

I don't think there is prudence in equating Christianity in India with a necessity for exhibiting some kind of western culture in a community that is obviously Indian.

It seems to imply that Indianness does not include being Christian.

Wouldn't you agree?

BharGo said...

In part of Mangalore, Goa and Vasai-Salcette, Local culture migled with Portuguese influence to create a distinct culture... can't call it 'western'... it is a part of the indian cultural mosaic. India is unity in diversity... not uniformity!

In fact, 3M is dead against the pao typecast in hindi movies!


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