Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tambat Ali strikes back!

During the Peshwa Era, Pune gave Delhi a run for its money as the most important city in India. This attracted the best artisans from around the country to settle in different parts of the city. You have small lanes (called Ali आळी in Marathi) in the older part of the city which are dedicated to artisans of different skills... and they are still thriving 2 centuries after the last Peshwa was deposed!
One such lane called ताम्बाट आळी Tambat Ali is dedicated to coppersmiths. Even in the ‘Stainless Steel Era’ this small bazaar is fighting back... 3M feels that the State Government (Dept of Tourism) should promote these small bazaars so that tourist can contribute to conserving our heritage!


Anonymous said...

where exactly in pune is this?

BharGo said...

Exactly to the east of Shaniwarwada near Manik Chowk... link given below for location


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