Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marathi Manoos makes a bid for Brazilian Sugar Giant!

Most people would draw a naught when they hear the name Narendra Murkumbi… Because he is a down to earth businessman from Belgaum who shuns publicity! Narendra along with his mother Vidya have become the second largest Sugar Manufacturer in the country in less that a decade. Their company Shree Renuka Sugars (Started in 2000) is also the largest importer of sugar in India! Read their amazing story here.
But this dynamic duo is not happy confining their operations to India and have decide to make a bid for one for the largest Sugar companies in Brazil – Moena!

Now, Narendra is well on his way to be the richest Marathi Manoos in the world! 3M appreciates the fact that this gentleman prefers Marathi as his business language as far as possible!

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iampriteshdesai said...

this is awesome! :)
I read about this guy at the start of the year.
He was the quickest in his IIM batch to become a millionaire.
I didn't knew he was a Mararashtrian...
Great work!


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