Saturday, August 1, 2009

Linguistic Arrogance

This cartoon by Anurag is a classic case of North Indian arrogance

Hindi = Patriotism

स्वताच्या राज्यात स्वताची भाषा शिकवणे पाप आहे?


AR said...

How is it linguistic arrogance to point out linguistic nationalism within a state?

Anonymous said...

what a foolish cartoon!was it even necessary to get this trash such publicity?
a rqst for u why cant we answer with similar cartoon?

Anonymous said...

i hav a better idea rather than answering these dumb ppl......just ignore dem...we should not drop ourselves to such cheap class ppl...misra n sharma n chaurasia...eeew so stinkin...

BharGo said...

@ AR... People from UP & Bihar want to migrate to other states as there is a lack of opportunity in their state… which is natural… But they feel that learning the local language is not necessary because their own mother tongue is the ‘national language’!

If preserving the linguistic heritage of a state is ‘Linguistic Nationalism’, then 3M welcomes it!

@ Anon 1... I am not a cartoonist… that is best left to Thackerays!

@ Anon 2... Please do not make derogatory statements about any community… this blog encourages healthy debate on issue!

Magmystio said...

It's one thing to preserve linguistic heritage and another to use it to rally support against non-Marathis. Unfortunately, we have folks like Raj Thackeray who do just that.
Nationalism in any form, whether cultural, ethnic or linguistic, has never begotten good, 3M. I agree with the cartoonist's concern - if प्रा‍न्तवाद is commonplace in the classroom, there's something not right.

Having said that, I agree with you when you suggest that it is important to learn the local language. Note that, however, there is no such thing as a national language in India. We only have official languages - and Hindi happens to be an official language for convenience. Given that, I think Bharat comes before Maharashtra when it comes down to our Constitutional right to freedom of movement between states.

Thus if a migrant worker does not learn Marathi, I will think not that he is a threat to Maharashtra, but that he is one who acknowledges greater opportunity available in this state. As rightly stated by Mahesh Manjrekar in his movie मी शिवाजी राजे भोंसले बोलतोय , as Shivaji himself, it is not the fault of the Shetty that the Marathi man didn't open successful restaurants. The Marathi man [read "the Thackerays"] must quit playing the blame game and take control of his own future.

Wouldn't you agree?

(Note: I am AR using my Blogger ID)

BharGo said...

Dear Aditya,

3M appreciates that fact that you are engaging in a logical dialogue… you will appreciate the fact that this blog has never berated other communities… in fact it has shown its disapproval for the violence perpetuated in the name of ‘regional pride’!

The problem is when a Marathi Manoos (not Thackerays) wears the pride of his culture on his sleeve, others cry foul… When Manmohan Singh became the prime minister, they celebrated Diwali in Punjab. But when Marathi Manoos becomes the President, celebrations here are ‘parochial’!

One of my ex-colleagues (a Marwari) was born and brought up in Kolkata and was proficient in Bengali… but never felt like learning Marathi though for the last 6 years she is staying in Pune and Mumbai. This means most Marathi people were accommodating her by speaking her language (Hindi) so that she is not at inconvenience… unlike her earlier Bengali neighbours. But bcoz of Thackerayism, she feels Marathi Manoos is more parochial than the Bengali Babu… what an irony!

Now most migrants from northern states believe that if somebody speaks to them in Marathi… it is parochialism!

As for मी शिवाजी राजे भोंसले बोलतोय, it is the single biggest reason for MNS’s success in the LS elections!

But 3M gives full credit to Raj for ensuring that Marathi Manoos is speaking his mother tongue in public places… something that he refrained from doing 2-3 years back.

Darshan said...

Hindi imposition is through out, its happy to see martathi manus finally realized this.

Read more on ..

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous to blame the bhaiyyas.

If you open the door of ur house, put all your valuables and gold in front of the door, and then sit there with ur eyes closed, people are going to come in and take your valuables away. It's your duty to protect your state..your language..culture..people. That's what other states do. They are extremely protective about the interests of their own people.
If marathis themselves don't prefer to speak marathi, then you can't blame the migrants for not learning marathi.

Nikhil said...

it happened wid me 4 times in last two days. people on railway station and people in compartment wid me talked to me 4 some reasons in hindi. and i replied them in marathi.. to my joy and sorrow ithey also started conversing wid me in fluent marathi..
it all starts frm 'I'
everybody shud speak marathi

jaheerat said...

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